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Sound File Links for ‘Keyboard Improvisation’

First exercises -  Tapping

Example -  God Save the Queen

First 5 finger exercise (in brief) right hand -  5 Finger Exercises

Scales (in brief) -  Scales in Brief

Keys & Key Signatures - Key Signatures

Chord Construction - Chord Construction

Chord Sequences - Chord Sequences

Putting it All Together - Bass Patterns

Arpeggios  & Broken Chords (in brief) - Arpeggios / Chords

Let’s get improvising - Improvisation Exercises & Examples

5 Finger Exercises (in full) - 5 Finger Exercises 2

Scale Exercises in  Full - Scales Full

Arpeggio & Broken Chord Exercises - Arpeggios Exercises

The following links will only make sense to purchasers of ‘Keyboard / Piano Improvisation - One Note at a Time!’

In every case there are 2 links for each file as some don’t work on certain devices.

Timing Examples - Timing  

Keyboard / Piano Improvisation One note at a TIme - jpeg

Scale Modes in brief - Modes