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5 out of 5 stars Learning by ear? Read this book...
Amazon.com 5 star *****

This book is so well constructed for the beginner,and the easy to use links are really useful. Very hard to put down!


Excellent book, thanks.  Love the construction of the book and links. really pleased thank you. James


Hi Martin,thanks for your ebook which I’ve downloaded and I’m very impressed with the contents. I look forwards to the learning process with optimism and applaud your tuition techniques. I’m of an advanced age but still feel that I,d like to try to put music to lyrics that I’ve written over the years even though I won’t become another Ray Charles. Thanks again from Dave


Great Comms transaction.. Accurate description superb item! Thanks! So pleased - Ian


5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding content  
Amazon.com 5 star *****

This is a unique new approach to learning keyboard.

As a "play by ear" book (which everyone knows you can't really do without at least understanding cadences and rhythmic notation for the "beat" either as a piano roll or with traditional notation), the book is heavy on theory with lots of great examples, including, of course notation!

And this book is as much a theory primer as a "learning" by ear book. He covers all the basics, using both piano roll and a LOT of keyboard examples, plus traditional notation where needed. It fits a unique niche for folks who might be composing with MIDI, FL Studio, Garage Band, etc. but not doing a lot of notation while practicing or riffing on the fly. The author is very smart in warning that if you DON'T go the notation route, you'll have to do a LOT more practice to become proficient. The funny thing is that after warning that you won't really get the theory without getting into notation, he then does a brilliant job of taking you through theory, more so than any other ear book, with keyboard examples.

The material is 5 star all the way. Fits a unique niche, "just right" in theory and practice, with great examples of songs to help with ear training.

Typically, the best song examples are those that show the notation so you can learn to sound them out, and there is a good mix here even for a learn by ear book.

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