Casio GP-510BP Home Piano

This is Casio’s Celviano flagship consol piano designed in conjunction with Bechstein to produce a truly magnificent hybrid piano, which comes in a beautiful high gloss polished wood cabinet.

The revolutionary new Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is made with full-length wooden concert grand piano keys, using the same materials and processes as the C. Bechstein concert grand pianos. A keypress sends a hammer along the same vertical path as a grand piano, with the same essential weighting and pivot points, resulting in a true and uncompromising piano touch.

Please also see the lower priced Korg G1 and the higher priced Yamaha CVP-909 for some comparison.


  • Three superb grand piano sounds plus 30 more sounds
  • Natural grand hammer action keys
  • Gloss black cabinet
  • Polyphony: 256 notes
  • String resonance, damper resonance
  • Pedals: Damper, Soft, Sostenuto - half-pedaling supported
  • Two track midi recorder
  • Internal speakers
  • Weight: 77.5kg
  • See: Here for full details

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