Controller Keyboards

A basic controller keyboard will make no sounds of its own, but can be connected via midi to other keyboards and use the sounds from the connected board. Or could be connected to a PC via midi cables or USB (if supported).

Well what’s the point of this?

There could be various reasons:

  1. If your main keyboard has great sounds but a crap keybed, you could acquire a controller board with a much better keybed (weighted or semi-weighted)
  2. Or perhaps your main board is weighted and you also want a semi-weighted option
  3. You may want to create music via a DAW (digital Audio Workstation) on your PC. This will then use any VST’s  (sounds) that you have installed on your PC

Controller keyboards are available with 25, 49, 61, 76 or 88 keys weighted or semi-weighted in various qualities.

Most keyboards that have their own sounds are also capable of additionally being ‘controllers’ via midi or USB. Some have better controlling facilities than others - the Casio PX-5S is particularly good. But this is probably not something that a beginner would want to get into!