For Angela

This lovely little piece is for my cousin Angela with love (Kay’s older sister) and for the great memories of our childhood days when we had many innocent adventures together in her home village of Llwydcoed near Aberdare in South Wales.

Despite having no money, life was free and a great adventure - playing in the parks and on the slag heaps (tips) created by the coal mines. There was little traffic to worry about and all the people were kind and friendly. If we did have a few pennies, we’d perhaps share a ‘Wagon Wheel’ which used to be at least three times the size that they are now and cost 3d (just over 1p). If we were really flushed and had 6d (2.5p), we’d buy a tube of ‘Smarties’ and then float the empty tube down the stream.

This piece requires a 76 note (6 octaves) keyboard. I would rate this as MODERATELY DIFFICULT.