For Kay

For Kay - Because the Lady doesn’t necessarily like Milk Tray!

Back in the late 50’s when I was a kid, my elder brother and I used to spend numerous hours playing in the woods and as a team we’d catch anything that was catchable, such as lizards, newts, frogs, shrews, slow worms etc.

One time our cousins Angela and Kay came to stay and just for a laugh, we acquired an empty chocolate box, added a few lizards, and gave it to Kay (who was 5 at the time).

Clearly Kay didn’t appreciate how difficult it was to catch the lizards and reckons she’s been traumatised for the last 60 odd years. I keep telling her that I was only an innocent accomplice and my brother was the instigator.

Anyway, this piece is for Kay with love to help ease the trauma.

This piece requires at least a 76 note (6 octaves) keyboard. I would rate this as MODERATELY DIFFICULT, but very satisfying.