Whatever type of keyboard you end up getting, you’re almost certainly going to need  a pair of reasonable headphones for private practice.

The cost of these varies so considerably from about £5 to over £1000, so this can clearly be a bit confusing for a beginner.

I’ll be honest I’ve had some really cheap ones (about £10) that haven’t been that bad - especially the JVC’s, but generally speaking the cheap ones are total crap.

In my opinion a good low cost, great value option is the Presonus HD7.

See: https://www.presonus.com/products/HD7.

These give a fairly good sound quality, are very comfortable and cost about £35 or less (pictured above). I use these!

But whatever headphones you get, I strongly recommend that you get a 3.5mm - 90 degree angle stereo socket adapter (shown below). Then plug this into your keyboard (with a size reducing adapter if necessary) then plug the headphones into this.


Because then when you trip over the lead, you will just pull it out of the socket instead of possibly damaging the keyboard socket! And believe me you will trip over the lead, it’s just a matter of when!