Keyboard Stands

Most digital pianos for home use will either be built into a stand to look like an acoustic piano or have an optional wooden stand which can be used in place of a portable stand. For home use one advantage of the dedicated stands is that they often come with the pedals attached which also prevents the pedals from moving around which can be a problem with portable stands.

There are a few different  types of portable stands which will be required by all other keyboards. Which will be best for you will to a certain extent depend on the weight of keyboard.

Most manufacturers make suitable stands for all their keyboards, but although great there are often equally suitable lower priced alternatives.

The three most common types are the ‘table-frame’, the ‘Z-frame’, and the ‘X-frame’ as shown below.

All of the above can have attachments for a second tier if required.

For a fairly heavy board and particularly pianos, I would suggest that the ‘table-frame’ is the wisest choice as it will give greater stability at each end.

Some manufacturers offer a wooden stand option for their pianos such as the Casio CS67P (shown below) which is suitable for the PX 160, PX 360, and PX 560. This is a great option if you only intend using your keyboard at home.