Korg D1 Stage Piano

Make no mistake this is a quality product at a budget price. Amazingly this has the same RH3 piano action keyboard as the flagship Korg SV2 and the mighty Kronos (73 & 88)! But no doubt in order to offer this at this at this price, it only has basic features, (no sequencer or accompaniment or speakers).

This board could be used in an ideal combination with say a Korg PA 700 or PA 1000 or even the Kronos 61 on top which would offer superb possibilities at a bargain price!


  • Superb piano sounds (30)
  • Superb RH3 Graduated Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Polyphony: 120 notes
  • Half pedaling supported
  • Midi in / out sockets
  • External speakers required
  • Weight: 16kg
  • See: Here for full details

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