Leeroy Brown Gonk

Meet Leeroy Brown


  • Born in Marrowandaland, now living in Gonkland
  • Works for Alan Duvet as the band’s main percussionist and also plays the Gonkwhistlephone.
  • Also plays drums in his own band called ‘The Grasshoppers’
  • In his spare time Leeroy makes and sells colourful woolly hats
  • Great friends with Filo and Pastry

Leeroy has a simple puzzle for you -  3 - 6 years -  this is not how long it should take you to answer it, but the age level who should not find it difficult.

But if you give up, you can of course scroll down for the simple answer!

Change the following into a six using only one stroke of the pen -


Give up? Scroll down

Answer: SIX

If you didn’t get it, it’s probably not because you’re thick but of course because you’re thinking ‘Roman Numerals’ which is why a 3 - 6 year old would get it straight away!