Clavia Nord Stage 4 Keyboard

This is Nord’s flagship stage keyboard used by many professionals, suitable for stage or studio.

Similar to the Electro 6 but with more features this also has three sections: piano, organ and synth. All of the sounds are among the best available.

The really great thing about all Nord keyboards is that you have free access to the Nord sound bank enabling you to download the sounds that you want.

Available with 73 keys with a synth action waterfall key action or 76 / 88 keys with a quality piano action keybed.

The 73 key synth action version has real drawbars, whereas the 76 / 88 versions have digital drawbars.


  • Top quality sounds with access to the Nord sound bank
  • 88 key and 76 key versions with a quality hammer action keybed - suitable for classical or jazz
  • 73 key version with a synth action waterfall keybed
  • Modulation wheel (not on the Electro 6)
  • Polyphony: 120 notes
  • Ideal for stage or studio
  • Requires amp or powered speakers
  • Midi in / out
  • Weight: 73 - 10 kg, 76 - 12.5 kg, 88 - 19kg
  • See: Here for full details

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