Roland FA 06 /07/08 Workstation

This is an incredibly versatile instrument - I actually bought one of these (the FA-07). The sounds are superb and the recording functions are quick and fairly easy to understand. You can also connect up to a DAW easily without the need for an external audio interface - which I like.

The FA-06 and 07 both have synth action keybeds and the 08 has a graded hammer action bed. I chose the 07 because I wanted this as a top level board with a piano action board below. But I must warn you that the keybed on the 06 is not good, the 07 is much better. The FA-08 weighted keybed I found to be quite nice, but there are others that I prefer.


  • Top quality sounds (over 2000) taken from the Integra-7
  • Expandable - free sounds available from the Axial library
  • 61, 76 or 88 keys, 88 version ivory feel-G hammer action
  • Polyphony: 128 notes
  • Ideal for stage, studio or home
  • Great on board 16 track sequencer (fully editable)
  • Midi in / out
  • USB midi and audio interface
  • Weight: 06 -  5.7kg, 07 - 8.5kg ,08 - 16.5kg
  • See: Here for full details

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