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The best Keyboard books for beginners
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You will  not be disappointed with this superb self tuition book, which is probably the easiest and most user friendly book of its sort available!

As the name suggests, this book has been written for the absolute beginner and assumes no prior musical knowledge - just the desire to do it!

The contents are suitable for piano and / or electronic keyboard.

Available as a (printable) eBook - instantly downloadable, or as a coil bound paperback (monochrome only) conveniently designed to lay flat on your music rack, or as a conventional book bound paperback as sold on Amazon etc. - Coil bound is best!

Items covered include:

  • Buying your first keyboard or piano
  • Reading music from scratch
  • Easy, effective finger exercises which require minimal reading ability
  • Important musical symbols
  • Your first tunes
  • Audio links for all tunes and exercises
  • Key signatures and transposition
  • Pre scale exercises
  • Major and minor scales in keyboard and notation view
  • Chord construction
  • Chord fingering
  • Chord charts in keyboard view
  • Arpeggios in keyboard and notation view
  • Arpeggio exercises
  • Playing from a Fake book with and without auto accompaniment
  • Plus more!

Ok, but what is special about this ‘Special Edition’?

Compared to Editions 1 and 2 (both of which are still available) this 'Special Edition' is both a lot more and a little less in the fact that I have only included the first three major and harmonic minor scales and arpeggios and removed the chord charts to make the paperback version more cost effective.

BUT… to make this version much better I have included free links for the digital pdf versions of the items shown next:

  • Hanon Exercises 1 - 30 Condensed and Simplified for Beginners Easy Reading;
  • Scales & Arpeggios - every major / minor scale in every key, plus pentatonic / blues scales and modes in most used keys;
  • Chords (complete) - just about every chord that you will ever need;
  • Chords (short) - as above but only in keyboard view with diatonic chords;
  • Easy Piano Music - for two hands;
  • Easy Keyboard Music - for auto-accompaniment.

Consequently, this edition offers far more ‘bang for buck’ and if you’re serious about learning you would eventually need to buy these other items anyway.

After completing this book you should have a good basic understanding of music theory as well as a good basic playing technique, paving the way for more advanced study in  your chosen field - jazz, blues, pop, classical etc.

The link for the sound files for this book is HERE.arning  the piano or keyboard will enrich your life more than you could possibly imagine! Do it NOW!

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Instant Download Edition in PDF format
- only £7.19

But please note that  if you buy any printed edition the digital edition comes free

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Paperback Book Bound Edition
- only £16.99 + £3.94 p&p (UK)
Black & White only
Note that shipping costs and delivery times vary from country to country.

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Paperback Coil Bound Edition
- only £21.99 + £3.94 p&p (UK)
Black & White only
Note that shipping costs and delivery times vary from country to country.


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Learn to Play Piano / Keyboard For Absolute Beginners
A Self Tuition Book for Adults & Teenagers! SPECIAL EDITION