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This short book shows all the diatonic chords for every major scale with diatonic arpeggio exercises in both 4/4 and 6/8. Similar exercises are also included in the key of A minor.

So, what exactly are diatonic chords and why do I need to learn them?

Most people just learn all the scales as finger exercises (which is good) but never really get to fully understand them i.e. the intervals and chords within each scale.

The diatonic chords are the chords which are derived from the notes of the scale and are therefore all related. This is fully explained in the book.

Understanding exactly which chords fit with each scale is vitally important for improvisation, composition, and theoretical understanding.

Practicing the exercises herein will not only give you an advanced understanding of every scale but will also benefit your finger technique.

Do I need to read music to learn these?

Well, it certainly helps as all the exercises are written in music notation. Having said this in every case I’ve included a chord diagram (in keyboard view) below each arpeggio as well as the chord names, except for the very last chord in each sequence which is always the ‘tonic chord’ and the same as the first one - couldn’t fit it in!

So, yes you could still learn from this book without reading music, by following the chord diagrams instead of the music.

Additionally there are audio links in the pdf digital version.

Buy the Paperback version and the digital version comes free!

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