Digital Pianos (Home & Stage)

Digital Pianos - Home Use

Home use digital pianos in general tend to be less feature filled than the stage alternatives. All up to date models will have 88 weighted hammer action keys - varying in quality. Many are also incorporated in a wooden frame with pedals included or at least have the option of a wooden stand making them fitting for a home environment. Most will also have built-in speakers making the need for external amplification unnecessary.

Some will simply be pianos with few other features (although most do have a variety of tones). Others will have additional features such as auto-accompaniment and recording functions.

Digital Pianos - Stage / Studio

In contrast digital pianos for stage or studio use tend to be more feature filled in relation to sounds, effects and other functions. These will have either 73 / 76 or 88 hammer action keys. Built-in speakers and auto-accompaniment are less likely to be found on these and an external stand and pedals would be required. Therefore in all cases for stage use external amplification suitable for the venue would be required. Recording functions are not the norm on stage pianos, but some may have them.

Both home and stage digital pianos will have earphone sockets enabling personal practice.

There are some digital pianos that are suitable for both home and stage - the Casio Privia PX S3100 for instance. Although this does have built-in speakers it’s light enough to be transported easily and fits either into the dedicated Casio home stand or a portable stage stand. Additional amplification would generally be required for stage use.