Filo & Pastry Gonks

Meet Filo and Pastry the number one Gonkling twins


  • Born in London when they were both very young - now live in Gonkland
  • Filo and his twin brother Pastry are two of the few original Gonks from the 60’s.
  • As with most Gonks,  Filo and Pastry spend most of their time bouncing around, whistling and talking complete nonsense!
  • Both are learning keyboards with Alan Duvet and are his number one students - actually they are his only students
  • Both also play the Gonkwhistlephone  - of course and the fool
  • They also have a pet frog who they have to hide from Alan Duvet

Can you tell the difference between Filo and Pastry? There is a clear and distinguishable difference, but if you give up you can scroll down the page for the answer.

Pastry has a tattoo on his bum! - But as this is a respectable website we can’t show it - sorry about that!

Learn Electronic Keyboard or Piano - graphic 4 Learn Electronic Keyboard or Piano - graphic 4 Filo Pastry