Yamaha MODX  Synthesizer Keyboard

Incredible value for money! Superb top quality sounds, all deeply editable.  Available with 61, 76 or 88 keys. This is only a very few knobs and features short of the mighty Montage M which is over three times the price! In fact I think that Yamaha have shot themselves in the foot producing this!

Although described as a workstation, in my opinion this is a great stage instrument - ideal for gigging, but it’s not a workstation as although you can record on the keyboard, you need to connect to a DAW to edit which I agree is actually fairly easy as it has a built in USB midi and audio interface. Personally I prefer editing to be possible on the keyboard as on the Korgs and Rolands, but nevertheless it’s a great keyboard.

To get the best out of this instrument, there is one hell of a learning curve - not ideal for beginners!


  • 88 Keys (GHS Hammer Action) or 61 / 76 synth action
  • Polyphony 128 notes (AWM2) or 64 notes (FM-X)
  • MODX 88 Ideal for all styles of playing.
  • Audio and midi USB interface
  • Music production via external DAW
  • Weight: MODX 88 - 13.8kg,  76 -  7.4kg, 61 - 6.6kg
  • See: Here for full details
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