Yamaha Montage M Synthesizer Keyboard

This is Yamaha’s flagship workstation / synthesizer and there’s no denying that it is an incredible keyboard with thousands of superb top quality sounds, all deeply editable.  Available with 61, 76 or 88 keys.

Although described as a ‘workstation’, in my opinion it’s not a workstation as although you can record on the keyboard, you need to connect to a DAW to edit which I admit is fairly easy as it has a built in USB midi and audio interface. But unlike the mighty Korg Kronos, you can’t produce entirely on the keyboard.

Also for far less than half the price you could buy the Yamaha MODX which is only a few knobs and sliders short - admittedly the keyboards and build quality is better on the Montage, so perhaps you may consider this worth it. Personally I’d consider the Kronos with perhaps a MODX or Roland Fantom as a top level, then you’d have the best of everything!

Also to get the best out of this instrument, there is one hell of a learning curve - certainly not ideal for beginners!


  • 88 Keys (Hammer Action) or 61 / 76 synth action
  • Polyphony:128 notes (AWM2) or 128 notes (FM-X)
  • Montage 88 Ideal for all styles of playing.
  • Audio and midi USB interface
  • Music production via external DAW
  • Weight:  88 - 29kg,  76 -  17kg, 61 - 15kg
  • See: Here for full details
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