Phuket Wong Gonk

Meet Phuket Wong. Phuket is pronounced ‘Pookette’ for all you ignorant peasants out there!


  • Born in Phuket, Thailand but now lives in Gonkland
  • Runs the local chip shop so he certainly knows his noodles!
  • Phuket plays Gonkwhisltphone, chop sticks, bamboo flute and Chinese gongs - so he’s an extremely  great asset to the band!
  • Works part time for Alan Duvet as substitute ‘Note Keeper’ for when Angus McDangle goes AWAL
  • Collects Ming vases and has a large collection thrown out by Captain C. Worthy who is obsessed with digging for pirate treasure, but throws out anything that’s not gold

Phuket has a special question for you: -  Which of the following numbers is the odd one out?  -  3  4  7  8  17  26  28  34  or  47 ?

As always the answer is ridiculously simple, but if you haven’t worked it out, scroll down for the answer!


The answer is of course 47 as this is the only one where rice or chips is not included!