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Rhythmic Scales for Piano / Keyboard - A New Pleasurable Way to Practice Scales & Arpeggios!

This eBbook like all my books, is unique and you’ll probably not find anything quite like it elsewhere. It consists of a series of exercises based around the following scales:

  • Major;
  • Harmonic minor;
  • Melodic minor;
  • Natural minor;
  • Chromatic;
  • Major & Minor Pentatonic;
  • Blues;
  • And also, the dominant 7th and minor 7th Broken chords

So, are these easier or more difficult than conventional scales?

Generally, they are probably a little more difficult, some more so than others, but they are much more interesting and also help with your reading ability as they are not all straight up and down.

If you find any exercises too difficult, just move on and come back to them later. They are not necessarily listed in order of how difficult they are. Many are in C major / A minor, - if you are a beginner, you may find it best to stick to these at first.

Can I hear examples of these?

In all cases the audio example can be heard at varying speeds (mostly at 120 bpm 4/4 and 135 pm 6/8) with a metronome, by clicking on the graphics or in the web page HERE.

There are literally hundreds of hyperlinks included in the book to enable you to navigate the document and hear the examples quickly and easily.

The link for the sound files for this book is HERE.

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Rhythmic Scales