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Back in the 60’s / 70’s I was a professional musician touring Europe with various ‘pop’ groups. During this period I worked with several top artists some of whom are now (even 50 years later) household names and all multi millionaires.

Back in those early days I know for a fact that some of these performers used to practice various relaxation / affirmation techniques in order to enhance their creativity. At the time as these techniques were virtually unheard of, I thought these individuals were totally bonkers, but clearly they weren’t.

Even I accidentally used some of these techniques but not to the same extent and not with the same degree of ‘focus’.

Fortunately for all of us now, refined versions of these techniques are now widely available, but unfortunately many (like me in the early days) will fail to believe their worth and refuse to even test them out.

Well here’s your opportunity to try and prove to yourself that a combination of Binaural Beats (which fast tracks your brainwaves to the right level for a high degree of ‘focus’) and hypnotic suggestions can bring out the hidden genius within YOU!

With this in mind I’ve created 3 specific items geared around the three things needed by all musicians which are:

  • Creativity;
  • Confidence; and
  •  Prosperity.

Each of these consists of two recordings:

  • One 25 minutes in length to be used any time you have this length of time to relax, which will take you into a nice state of relaxation (Alpha and Theta) and implant appropriate suggestions into your subconscious mind before returning you to normal waking consciousness (Beta); and
  • One 55 minutes in length to be used when falling asleep which takes you to an even deeper level of relaxation (Alpha, Theta and then Delta) and again implants the appropriate suggestions into your subconscious. But this one will leave you to fall asleep after which you will awaken normally.

As with all my items there’s a 100% money back guarantee, so what have you got to lose?

Release the infinite potential within you with these inspiring mp3 instantly downloadable recordings. Click on the items below for further information of each.

For more information about Binaural Beats please see HERE.

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Binaural Beat / Hypnotic Recordings