Parama-gonka-yoga-plonka Gonk

Meet Parama-gonka-yoga-plonka


  • Born in India approximately 2000 years ago
  • Now lives in a cave behind Phuket Wongs chip shop
  • Guru Parama-gonka-yoga-plonka plays flute and Gonkwhistlephone.
  • Currently attempting the world record for the longest meditation - current record is 15 years, 14 months and 37 days. But due to failings in the security, (mainly due to Private Sergeant falling asleep) he keeps getting disturbed and has to keep starting over
  • Works in conjunction with Angelico White to look after all the Gonks spiritual welfare
  • Like Angelico, he also has the ability to be in more than one place at once
  • Arch enemy - Beezy Bub